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BUY IT NOW: $52 off Blink XT Home Security Wireless Cameras with free cloud storage with free shipping

If you blink, this bargain could disappear. Yes, that was my lame attempt at a pun tied to today's price drop. The Blink XT Home Security System is at its lowest price as we count down to Christmas.

My favorite surveillance deal today is 100 percent wireless. As a deal hunter, manufacturers who make claims about products that are "wireless" drive me crazy — I believe they mislead the customer. "Wireless headphones" are not often actually wireless; there is usually a wire adjoining your left and right headphones. Many home security cameras advertised as wireless are not really wireless either; you often have a power cable which manufacturers deceptively omit from product photos.

The Blink XT is one of the few completely wireless and weatherproof camera systems on the market. Because these cameras are battery powered — they come with two AA batteries that last at least two years — there are zero cables. That also makes the cameras more secure as there is no power wire for thieves to cut.

With additional features like motion detection and free cloud storage, motion push alerts, night vision and some tremendous customer service, the Blink XT tops my list of surveillance camera deals right now.

Features of the Blink XT:

  • Weatherproof and ready for outdoor use
  • Motion detection alerts sent directly to your smartphone
  • Live HD video with system expansion up to 10 cameras
  • Works with the Amazon Alexa voice service
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • Strong night vision capabilities
  • Two AA included batteries included, lasts for two years
  • Guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas
  • Free cloud storage included

BUY IT NOW: $52 off Blink XT Home Security Wireless Cameras with free cloud storage with free shipping
Was: $129.99
Now: $77.99
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