BUY IT NOW: Save $20 off on KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location

We all have that one friend who, no matter how hard he or she tries, cannot seem to keep track of their keys. And since it’s the holiday season, why not make their (and everyone else’s) life easier by gifting him the solution to his problem. The KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location will ensure they’ll never lose track of their keys again. Their phone, on the other hand, well, that’s a different story.

The KeySmart Pro is an ingenious key organizer designed specifically to help people who misplace their keys often. Fashioned from stainless steel, the KeySmart can easily store up to 10 keys in its space-saving, easily-carried sleeve. It uses Tile Smart Location to pinpoint where your keys are with a companion app on your phone. The functionality allows it to ring, so you can hear the sleeve even if it’s shoved inside the couch cushions. Plus, it works in reverse, so you can ring your phone from the KeySmart, even if it’s in silent mode. And for good measure, it also includes a powerful LED light, bottle opener, and a loop piece to attach to a car key fob.

As long as your friend doesn’t lose their keys and phone at the same time, this should solve the problem. The KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location usually costs $60, but since it’s almost the holidays, you can get it from for just $39.99 — 33% off.

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