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BUY IT NOW: $100 off Pur Spa Designer Luxury Towel Sets with free shipping

These are the softest, most durable towels money can buy, and my goodness do they hold up over time!

One of my favorite bed sheet and pillow companies has been making towels for awhile. However, I've never profiled the price drop on towels from this company before because I always thought the towel deals I've featured from Macy's and Kohl's were up to par. I was wrong.

After speaking to some lifestyle experts (including a few who work on the show I host for Amazon), I am now fully aware that how towels hold up over time is where you really need to be careful.

For sheets, we consider threat count. For towels, you need to consider "GSM" which stands for "grams per square meter." Most towels, if you're fortunate, carry a GSM of 300. That means the towels have a good absorbency and durability.

The Pur Spa towels are made with 600 GSM 100 percent cotton, which means they are double what would typically be considered a "top towel" and they are pure luxury.

After having used the Pur Spa towels for 5 months, I can safely conclude they hold up far better than competing towel sets I've been testing for half that time. They are a great purchase in my quest to save you cash and on sale today!

Click the play button to see these towels up close. 

Features of Pur Spa Luxury Towels:

  • All bundles are 50 percent off today
  • Better than President's Day pricing
  • Soft, plush and extremely durable
  • 600 grams per square meter composition
  • 100 percent premium cotton and machine washable
  • Luxury finish with Italian design inspired stripes
  • Ideal for modern and traditional homes
  • Lowest recorded prices today

BUY IT NOW: $100 off Pur Spa Designer Luxury Towel Sets with free shipping
Was: $169.99
Now: $69.99
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