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How does that big screen look right now? Is it occupying a lot of space on a shelf or on top of a cabinet? Is it safe? Can it be easily tipped over? Today you can finally give your television the home it deserves all thanks to a great Prime Day deal.

In my quest to save you as much cash as humanly possible, today you can finally get your TV to eye level. A recent viewer workshop found that 65 percent of TV viewers were either straining their necks or adopting or watching at un-ergonomic angles.

These mounts can help you stop the strain. They fit virtually any television with a display of up to 85 inches and they provide full tilt, swivel, pan and adjustment capabilities.

Complete with lifetime warranty and a cord management system, the Level Mount offers full motion for your TV and can handle an astounding weight capacity of up to 200 pounds thanks to a heavy-duty mounting plate and cast aluminum alloy.

$56 Off Level Mount TV Mount for 10" - 50" TV

Was: $89.99

Now: $34.99

$110 Off Motorized Level TV Mount For 37" - 85" TV

Was: $179.99

Now: $69.99


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