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BUY NOW:  50 percent off Mobilepower BoostPak2 vehicle jump starter + free shipping

No more popping the hood or working outside your vehicle in the middle of the night when your battery goes dead! 

Today, one of my favorite inventions ever — and an invention that I've been using for several months— is the best way to jump start any dead smartphone battery and any vehicle. It could also be the most important product you ever put in your car. 

I've featured some great vehicle jump starters in the past but they've all required popping the hood of your car and using crocodile jumper cables - until now. 

Have you ever waited three hours on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere for a towing company? It’s a terrible feeling. If you’ve tried to flag down drivers in the middle of the night for a boost, that presents even more risks and is not a situation anyone should experience. There are also some situations where you don't want to be outside your car.

The Mobilepower plugs in to your car's DC adapter / cigarette lighter and jumps your car from the inside, no lifting the hood. It can also jump start a tablet or smartphone and charge any device via USB. The BoostPak2 can also be used to power any 12 volt device with the 12 volt power port.  A built in LCD display lets you see the charger battery level or can display your car battery's voltage/charge level and it worked well in my tests.

Great for new drivers and an essential for any glove compartment, the $30 price tied to today's deal is yet another winner in my bargain books. 

Click the play button to see product tests.

Features of the Mobilepower BoostPak2 vehicle jump starter:

  • The lightweight Lithium Ion battery jump starts cars and motorcycles
  • Never leave the safety of your vehicle to charge your car by simply plugging the charger into your cigarette lighter
  • The booster checks the voltage/charge level of your vehicle's battery
  • With the LCD display you'll always know if your BoostPak 2 is charged and ready to go
  • Charge almost any USB powered device

BUY NOW:  50 percent off Mobilepower BoostPak2 vehicle jump starter + free shipping
Was: $59.99
Now: $29.99

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