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Rainy days impact seasonal businesses in Maine's beach towns

The rainy weather in Maine's beach towns has undoubtedly affected seasonal businesses, with decreased sales being a shared concern.

OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine — While the sun is finally making an appearance on Thursday in Maine's beach towns, the persistent rain throughout this month has taken a toll on seasonal businesses.

With only four rain-free days, the wet weather has affected the influx of tourists and the revenue of establishments relying on the summer months. 

Lisa's Pizza, located in Old Orchard Beach, has been grappling with the consequences of constant rain affecting customer footfall and overall sales. 

John Murray, the manager of Lisa's Pizza, said, "If it's a constant rain all day, it puts a damper on everything." 

However, with the Fourth of July weekend around the corner, the pizzeria is optimistic about turning the tide and capitalizing on the festivities to increase revenue.

Melanie Tromblee, the owner of Big Daddy's Ice Cream in Ogunquit, shares her disappointment with the impact of excessive rain on her business, saying it's been down due to the unfavorable weather conditions. 

Tromblee explains that day-trippers, who play a significant role in driving sales, have been deterred from visiting the beach and exploring local businesses and restaurants. 

"It just adds to a little bit more business when you have the day-trippers here for the day, they come to the beach for the day and go into the businesses and restaurants," Tromblee said. 

While many businesses are struggling, some have discovered unexpected advantages in the rainy weather. 

Michael Dickinson, the owner of Dickinson's Candy Factory, says that the cloudy and rainy days have resulted in increased business throughout the day. 

"With the benefit of having a rainy or cloudy day, we have been fortunate to have business all throughout the day," he said. 

Dickinson's Candy Factory has experienced a notable increase in business, with a growth rate of 10 to 15 percent. This unexpected boost provides a glimmer of hope amid the challenging climate for local enterprises.

With the Fourth of July weekend on the horizon, businesses are eagerly anticipating a surge in visitors and a turnaround in their fortunes. 

As they yearn for more sunny days like Thursday, the hope is that the summer season will bring brighter days and financial success for these local establishments.

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