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Poland Springs, Patrick Dempsey team up in new ad campaign

Throughout the campaign, consumers will learn about Dempsey’s origin, his home state of Maine, and his favorite premium water brand, Poland Spring® ORIGIN.

POLAND, MAINE, Maine — Poland Spring Water and actor Patrick Dempsey, both native to Maine, have teamed up to introduce Maine water to the nation. 

Dempsey will help the water company introduce its new ORIGIN water. 

Poland Spring® ORIGIN was recently introduced as a perfectly balanced, 100% natural spring water. Filtered through a 10,000-year-old glacial aquifer, with naturally occurring electrolytes to give it a crisp taste, Poland Spring® ORIGIN is sustainably sourced from White Cedar Spring, nestled deep in the woods of Maine, and put in a bottle made from 100 percent recycled plastic that is also completely recyclable (excludes label and cap, which are recyclable, but not made from recycled material.)

On January 25, Poland Spring® ORIGIN will debut “My Origin,” the new TV and digital ad featuring Dempsey – shot by director Matt Baron – inviting viewers to run alongside him in the Maine woods.

“Like many Maine ex-pats, I missed my favorite water, and with the launch of Poland Spring® ORIGIN, I can now get it anywhere,” Dempsey said in a statement. "...I appreciate the values the brand has, the pride it takes in their product, as well as their commitment to sustainability and conserving Poland Spring® ORIGIN’s beautiful source. I learned about recycling as a kid when my father ran a redemption center in Maine."

To watch the commercial, visit Poland Springs' YouTube page

To learn more about Poland Spring® ORIGIN, visit click here