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Medical caregivers target out-of-state retailer

Local cultivators claim Theory Wellness will undercut small growers and storefronts.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — A group of medical marijuana caregivers and patients protested in front of Theory Wellness Friday, claiming the Massachusetts based company will undercut small Maine growers and storefronts.

Theory Wellness operates two adult-use storefronts in South Portland, and Waterville opened to adult-use customers for the first time. 

The company is keeping its Maine operation separate but plans to use profits from its four Massachusetts stores to offset low-profit margins on its recreational sales in Maine. 

There are about 3,000 medical caregivers throughout the state that grow medicinal cannabis for about 60,000 patients. 

Some claim out-of-state adult-use retailers have an unfair advantage and can sell their products at lower prices.

"They are going to use their profits in Massachusetts with their business there and bring them over as long as it takes until they wipe out the competition," Dawson Julia, the owner of East Coast CBD's a medical marijuana storefront, said.

"Our prices are definitely not lower than medical as everyone can see on the menu. There are testing costs built in, excise tax," Brandon Pollock, CEO of Theory Wellness, said. 

Medical marijuana caregivers are pushing for legislation that would allow participating in the adult-use market, selling finished products like brownies and other edibles to adult-use businesses.