NORTH BERWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- October is Maine Manufacturing Month, a time when Maine companies who make products used around the country and the world open their doors to the next generation of manufacturers.

On Tuesday, students from several high school and technical schools in southern Maine stopped by Pratt a& Whitney in North Berwick. That company makes jet engines for fighter jets designed and manufactured by Lockheed Martin.
Representatives from both companies say with the resurgence of manufacturing around the country, there's a shortage of engineers, scientists, and designers.
Business owners hope that by showing what STEM subjects- science, technology, engineering, and mathematics- actually can lead to in the real world, students will take a greater interest in careers in manufacturing.

“At Lockheed Martin, we have a whole generation of engineers and scientists that are starting to retire, and we need to replace those engineers and scientists,” said Bob Rubino, deputy director of F-35 fighter jet program at the Lockheed Martin government affairs office. “The U.S. engineers that are graduating throughout America today, Lockheed Martin needs to hire about four percent of those. So, that's a lot.”

“Today i think manufacturing might have a little bit of a bad rep,” said Patrick Regan, general manager of North Berwick Aerospace Systems at Pratt & Whitney. “It's not the manufacturing of 50 years ago. It's high technology.”