SANFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Two sober living houses in York County are helping break down barriers for men and women who are recovering from substance abuse addiction.

Journey House runs two sober homes in Sanford.

One houses 12 men, the other home has beds for 6 women. The program accepts people who are using medication-assisted therapy. The rent is several hundred dollars a month but there are a number of rules residents must follow. They are required to work, go to school or volunteer.

They have to submit to random drug testing, complete five hours of community service each month and for the first thirty days, there is a 10 p.m. curfew.

The founder of the program says there is a real need for low-cost transitional housing for people in recovery, outside of the Greater Portland Area.

'People are discharged from jails or hospital, treatment centers to the streets. They want recovery but recovery houses won't let them in because they are on medication. I saw it as something that needed to be addressed,' said Jesse Harvey the found of Journey House.

So far the program has assisted 60 people transition back to sobriety. The normal stay is between thirty to 60 days. Eric Skillings runs the program with Harvey, Chrystal Waugh is the works with the women's program

If you would like more information on Facebook

Jesse Harvey, Founder Journey House 774-5452 or Miranda Gilman 207-608-1598.