WINTHROP, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Catherine Lewis runs a business in Winthrop called Homegrown Healthcare. She's been educating medicinal users about marijuana since 2012. She's now opening up her learning center to people interested in recreational use.

Winthrop business offering educational classes on marijuana

We asked her what are the most frequently asked questions she gets.

"The first thing I hear from people is I don't smoke, I don't want to smoke, how do I use it? So that's where the methods of ingestion come in."

"We also have a ton of people asking about edibles. That seems to be a very hot topic right now, how can I make them, how can I dose them? A lot of people are concerned because they see on the news that people end up overdosing on cannabis, which we know there's no overdose deaths from cannabis, but it can be very uncomfortable. So we want to teach people about testing and dosing properly. That they can get the benefits of cannabis from using very small amounts at one time. So we talked about micro dosing."

"We have a lot of people coming to us curious about ancillary businesses, such as massage therapy using cannabis oil. For pet care, using cannabis oil for cats and dogs. to treat their ailments. So a lot of different add on businesses, fencing companies, security companies, a lot of other services that cannabis users are going to need are now coming and getting started or expanding"

Right now there are three classes scheduled for October. They typically run from 4pm to 730pm at a cost of $100.

October 10 Harvesting, Curing and Storage

October 18 Seeds, Cloning and Plant Care

October 25 Methods of Ingesting and Dosing

For more information visit Homegrown Healthcare.