If you're into romance novels, chances are you've heard of Janet Chapman.

The New York Times Bestselling author sets all of her stories in Maine - though she'll be the first to admit her world isn't close to the real world.

Chapman writes in a studio right across from her home in Glenburn. She has a jaw-dropping view of Pushaw Lake, but closes all her windows to write.

When she's in the weeds on a book, she sleeps in the studio as she often wakes up inspired to write at 3:30 AM.

She likes writing for the opportunities it gives her to live vicariously as whatever profession she likes.

Romance novels also present an odd disparity: Writing is a solitary activity but romance is very much a community. She is occasionally an active participant with her (fan-created) Facebook page, but she also makes sure to take time away from social media and email for a pretty good reason: You can't write a book if you're writing an email.