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What to do about Browntail Moth infestations

(NEWS CENTER) -- It is Browntail moth season and for anyone who's had an infestation you know that spells trouble.

Tom Estabrook of Estabrooks says It's supposed to be bad this year. Reports of infestations are coming in all along the coast from Kennebunk to the Mid Coast. Browntail Moths defoliate trees and create a safety concern. Their hairs fly through the air and create a terrible rash on people with sensitive skin.

You can identify the insect by the two orange dots on the back of the caterpillar with nice beautiful brown hair is all over it. They look pretty. They are but they are very toxic to some people. Some people can get a scratchy throat. You'll need to go to the doctor to get different creams to take care of that.

There is a multitude of different sprays that we can use to kill the moths. Smaller trees are easier to take care of. Thuricide, Eight, or old-fashioned Neem Oil will take care of the problem. If you have big tree that are being affected, you have to contact an arborist. A licensed arborist is the way to go.

They can treat for the problem. The trees will get stressed. It's very important to keep up your water all summer. Give them extra water.

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