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Maine businesses encourage commuting to work

The October-long "GO MAINE" event motivates business to commute to work in environmentally friendly ways, to reduce emissions and promote healthier lifestyles.

BANGOR, Maine — Maine’s commuter program “GO MAINE” started its commuter challenge on October 1st, celebrating National Rideshare month. The one-month long event promotes businesses to encourage their employees to commute to work with each other. Their main goal is to reduce emissions, promote healthier and greener lifestyles, fee up parking spaces, reduce traffic and save money.

Commuters simply download the “GO MAINE” app, register their workplace, sign up or sign in if you are already a member and then record the green trips they take. Participants are able to see in the app the gallons of gas saved up, calories burned if walking, and the total percent they have reached from the green trips the login. Grand prizes are awarded at the end of the month for most trips taken.

Rebecca Grover is the GO MAINE coordinator. She encourages people to try green commuting.

“You go online you put in the information about your commute and if there is anybody doing a similar commute to you can get their contact information and form a carpool,” said Grover.

It is an alternative to driving your vehicle all by yourself to work each day.

“Try it once or twice so that when its fun and you can earn prizes while doing it so maybe you want to do it other times throughout the year,” said Grover.

It is not just a program for car drivers. Biking, walking, riding a bus, and carpooling are all encouraged.
Bangor Savings Bank is one of the many companies that is taking part in the GO MAINE program.

“I walk to work every day, I have always walked to work because I find there is tremendous personal benefit in doing so,” said Chris Michaud, a worker at Bangor Savings Bank.

Eight thousand employees across Maine have signed up so far. Bangor savings bank hopes this program will be a success.

“It's exactly in alignment with our commitment to communities and the environment," said Isla Dickerson, the Marketing coordinator for Bangor Savings Bank.

For more information visit www.GOMAINE.org.