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Sunday Social: Expensive dates, hurricane cakes & costume changes

Jess, Clay and Ryan scoured the internet to find some of the best social posts from the past week

PORTLAND, Maine — How much do you spend on a first date? Clay's pick for post of the week shows just how much it costs to try and find love:

Match.com put out a graphic that shows the average price of a date in each state in the U.S. Maine clocks in at a whopping $157.02! We're not sure where these Mainers are meeting up for the first time, but they must be ordering the lobster!

Ryan's post is (obviously) weather related:

Hurricane Dorian is heading toward Florida, so Publix, a grocery store chain in the south, decided to make Hurri-cakes for the occasion. The frosting says, "Go Away, Dorian," and the message is working -- Dorian no longer looks like it will directly hit Florida as it turns up the east coast. Still, thousands of people will be hunkered down inside as they wait for the storm to pass. Might as well have something sweet to eat!

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Jess's post has to do with brotherly love:

Max Tingle is a 12-year-old student in Louisiana who gets a special "welcome home" each time he steps off the school bus. His 17-year-old brother, Noah, dresses up in a different costume every afternoon to greet him. A fireman, a gorilla, a sloth... the list goes on! Noah says the dress-up routine started as a silly way to embarrass his younger bro, but it has now morphed into something more special: it's a way to make memories together before Noah heads off to college next fall. The daily interaction has gone viral, with people sending Noah outfits so he can keep up the costume changes for the whole school year.

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