BANGOR, Maine — A pickup truck hit a utility pole on Essex Street in Bangor at about 3:30 Wednesday morning.

The driver in this accident was 18-year-old Marc Hutchings. He was brought to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center where he was in critical condition. On Friday he was upgraded to fair condition.

Bangor police say road conditions were a contributing factor in this accident. Hutchings was on his way to work at the time of the accident, he works for a contracting company where he removes snow and sands the roads.

Hutchings is the starting center on the Hampden Academy basketball team and his team is standing by him during this time.

Hampden Broncos head coach, Russ Bartlett, says the whole team has been to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor to see Hutchings.

On Friday Hutchings was back on his feet time since he broke his pelvis, clavicle and ribs.

“He’s in good spirits, I heard he walked a little bit today so I’m real excited to hear that.” Bartlett said.

Bartlett also says that Hutchings is a very hardworking kid.

“Real dependable kid. Uh, he's the only player I think I've ever coached who beats me to practice regularly on the Saturday practice, when we practice at 8 in the morning. I usually get here at ten past seven and he's already here.” Bartlett said.