BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – On Saturday, dozens of runners came out to support The Challenger Learning Center's first-ever Space Station 5K Race in Bangor.

Despite chilly temperatures, runners took to their marks just before 10AM. At the sound of a gunshot, they were off!

While many of the adult participants competed, their children were kept busy inside the learning center.

For several returning kids, it was another chance to explore the space station, but for many first timers, it was an experienced they would never forget. Which is exactly what event organizers say the fundraiser aims to do.

“I’m looking forward to introducing people to the Challenger learning center that haven't been here before and just increasing the public awareness about what we do and how they can help support us,” said Dick Cattelle, Vice President of the board of directors.

Runner, Paul Pultorak, said participating in the race is a great way to give back to an organization that continues to inspire his young daughter.

“My daughter goes to camp here, we really appreciate having them in the community as a STEM camp, it's fantastic,” he said.

All the runners took home a participation medal that was created from the center's 3D printer.