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Reasons to Smile: feel-good stories of the week

Amid the coronavirus, everyone needs a pick-me-up every now and then. Here are some stories from this week that’ll make you smile.

MAINE, USA — Hey everyone, Zach Blanchard here.

Like you, I don't know what day it is—but I do know it's time for haircut, and it's also time for this week's reasons to smile!

First up: Houston, no problems here!

Caribou-native Dr. Jessica Meir is back on Earth after 205 days aboard the international space station (ISS)—she counted! Not only did she fulfill her lifelong dream of going on a spacewalk (which was written in her high school year as a future goal), but she made HERstory as well. She and fellow astronaut Christina Koch became the first all-female team to perform a spacewalk.

Another Mainer—wow, we really do have some cool people from this state—Chris Cassidy is just starting his mission there, and he has the job covered.

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Speaking of having the job covered—this teacher from Falmouth is, as they say, ‘killing it.’

Fourth grade teacher Jen Merrifield is making funny videos for her students to make remote learning more fun.

So, parents, she's hoping she's able to help you say "let it goooo!" to that anxiety of this whole remote learning thing.

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And when it comes to characters, well, there's Stephen King.

Check out this tree in front of his house in Bangor. It's being carved into a work of art featuring animals—and of course—books.

Hopefully they'll leave the clown out.

Credit: NCM

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This story like one straight out of a children's book.

A chicken and dog friendship is still stronger than ever, because the chicken has stuck to the 'stay in your house' rule before all this.

Jake and his "best friend chicken" first met months ago, when the hen had just hatched.

Now, she's hanging out with her pup inside the family home in Waldo and laying eggs around the house.

So, yeah.

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Finally, what better way to say 'I do' than by refusing to say 'we can't!'

A couple from northeast harbor was supposed to have their destination wedding in Florida.

Well, because that couldn't happen, they had a drive-thru wedding at their local bank.

So they got to celebrate the big day with their entire hometown.

(Hannah Yechivi will have that full story for you later.)

Well, that's a wrap. Until next week, friends. 

And remember, you can send us your reasons to smile by texting us at (207) 828-6622.