BANGOR, Maine — For people battling diabetes, insulin is something they need to survive. The lifesaving medication has seen drastic price increases in recent years. 

"It's been a struggle, but we do what we can," said Linda Boone, who is raising her 15-year-old grandson who is a type 1 diabetic. 

"He can't go without insulin. He would die without it," said Boone. 

Boone has resorted to using discount cards, and switching medication to find more affordable insulin for her grandson. Many in the country are taking the same measures to try and afford it. 

"There is absolutely no justification for the enormous price increases that we've seen," said Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins. 

To try and fight the rising costs of an essential medication, Senator Collins and other senators proposed bipartisan legislation to keep costs low. 

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The bill, the "Insulin Price Reduction Act," is designed to hold pharmacy benefit managers, pharmaceutical companies, and insurers accountable for surging prices of insulin by encouraging list price reductions. 

"Insulin is becoming unaffordable for some people with diabetes who rely upon it as a form of survival," said Sen. Collins.

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The piece of legislation is aimed to help families like the Boone's, who do everything they can, and still struggle to find the funds to pay for the necessary insulin. 

"I went to get his insulin and it was $453 for a one month supply. And that was with a $100 discount card," said Boone. "I said, I've got to do something I'm going to go broke at this price." 

Boone has always been able to provide insulin for her grandson, however it is not easy. The proposed bill would allow families like the Boones to live more freely and not have to worry about paying for medication.  

"It would be nice if we lowered the insulin price so people could actually afford it and not have to choose," said Boone.