A combined total of 11 rough collies and Doberman pinschers seized last month in Solon will be put up for adoption next week.

Kennebunk-based Animal Welfare Society announced Wednesday that the dogs it has been caring for on behalf of the state are now ready.

All adoptions Sept. 4, next Wednesday – a day of the week AWS is typically closed – will be on a first-come, first-served basis, the shelter said. Potential adopters will be able to consult with staff, meet the dogs and determine together which dog, if any, is a good fit, based on several different factors.

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The shelter's executive director, Abigail Smith, reminded those prospectively considering adoption that due to the dogs' prior lives in Solon, they may not be typical house pets, stating that some are outgoing while others are reserved.

"These dogs tend to not be very well socialized with people and may have characteristics common with puppy mill dogs," Smith said. "Some of these guys are very shy and skittish and all of them are just now learning basic skills like leash walking and stair climbing."

Trainers, AWS staff and volunteers have been working closely with all the dogs to gain trust and teach affection, and are hoping to continue their work with the pets' new families, Smith said.

"We will be here to offer ongoing assistance to the dogs' new families," she said, encouraging adopters to take advantage of the shelter's resources. "We want to ensure new families have everything they need to help these special dogs mature into loving family pets."

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The nine collies and two Dobermans have received veterinary care, been spayed/neutered, are up to date on vaccines and preventatives and are microchipped, according to the shelter.

Additional animals from the Solon case, including several pregnant and nursing mother dogs, remain in AWS foster care.

Donations for their care are still being accepted.

Photos of and information about the dogs can be found at animalwelfaresociety.org.