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'Being able to tell people's stories has been the honor of my life': Shannon Moss leaves NEWS CENTER Maine to start a new chapter

After two decades of reporting in Maine, Shannon Moss starts a new chapter working for the state of Maine, and NEWS CENTER Maine is weeping, just a little.

PORTLAND, Maine — After more than two decades of delivering breaking news, heartwarming features, and investigative reports in Maine, Shannon Moss is leaving NEWS CENTER Maine, closing the door on her award-winning journalism career to start a new chapter in her life, and luckily for us, she isn't going far. 

Shannon has taken a job with the Maine Dept. of Public Safety as their new Public Information Officer, formerly held by Steve McCausland. It's a job she is not only well-suited for but combines her passions of sharing information, keeping Maine safe, and aiding the relationship between law enforcement and the public. 

Mainers have come to know and love Shannon as a reliable source of factual information, with an energy and enthusiasm for her work, people, and life that emanates through the screen. 

"Being able to tell people's stories has been the honor of my life," Shannon says as she gets ready to start her new job. 

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Shannon moved to Maine from her native Rhode Island to start reporting for WCSH-6 in 1999, and later left the station to anchor at WMTW. In 2013, she launched her own show "Split Screen" traveling the state interviewing Mainers "you know" and others "you should know" before returning to where she considers home, NEWS CENTER Maine. 

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"One of the best things that happened at NEWS CENTER Maine in recent years was Shannon’s return to our newsroom. She’s a terrific reporter who always answers the bell and knows how to find the story with speed and accuracy. Her skill at doing live reports from the field is unmatched. More importantly, she is an enthusiastic, warm, caring person, and I’m proud to call her a friend for life. Also, given her exuberance, it is impossible for her to sneak up on you, which is nice." - Pat Callaghan

In 2019, Shannon's reporting about crime lab technicians and investigators work to solve a Maine murder with a key piece of evidence being a piece of chewed bubblegum garnered her a prestigious Murrow Award which honors outstanding achievements in journalism. 

Shannon's life has unfolded in front of the television screen as she has worked in news. She met her husband, Andy Hagerty while covering an explosion at a Falmouth Dry Cleaners in 2000. Hagerty was the police officer on the scene and there was an instant connection. 

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Shannon Moss with her husband Andy Hagerty and her sons Quinn and Rowen.

Shannon welcomed both her sons, Quinn and Rowen while juggling work at NEWS CENTER Maine and is looking forward to having more time to spend with them in her new position. 

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Our resident movie star—yes, she was an extra in 'True Lies' and 'Meet Joe Black', but don't blink or you might miss her—is not only a talented journalist but has served as a mentor to younger reporters, and a friend to her colleagues. She's never too busy, even when she's on deadline, to help a co-worker, make another phone call or reach out to her network of credible sources that she's developed over the years through her integrity.  

"Shannon is a terrific journalist, as well as a terrific human being. She is also a trusted friend to our audience. She is the perfect person to take on that critical job at Public Safety, but it's still hard to see her leave our NEWS CENTER Maine team. Sad for us, but good for Maine." - Don Carrigan

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In the newsroom, we have a running joke that you can hear Shannon Moss before you see her; when Shannon has entered the building we all know it by her loud, affable laugh. 

Mainers will miss you Shannon Moss! For your professionalism, your dedication to journalism, and the trust you have cultivated over the years. 

We will miss you Shannon Moss! Your laugh, your straight-talk, your smile but most of all your friendship.

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Shannon Moss is a rare gem not only in this business but in life. She’s one of the hardest working people in the television industry while at the same time, one of the most laid back – never too busy to help a fellow reporter or crack a joke to lighten the room. Her personality is infectious, and her ability is inspiring. Her ability to make friends with anyone she meets makes even the quietest reporters (myself included) immediately loosen up. I’ve missed her laugh in the newsroom throughout this pandemic, and will continue to miss it until I can see her again at the next story! - Amanda Hill