MECHANIC FALLS (NEWS CENTER Maine) — Mechanic Falls, Maine, is now home to the latest police department to take part in the viral "lip synch challenge" trend that has swept the nation.

In an impressively shot music video, which involves a drone, Mechanic Falls police officers lip sync the 1974 rock hit "Come and Get Your Love" by Native American rock band Redbone.

Mechanic Falls PD joins a host of departments accepting the lip sync challenge, including in Maine. Sanford Police Department Officer Eddie Murphy was one of the first to go locally viral, lip-synching Felix Jaehn's 2014 hit remix of "Cheerleader" by Jamaican singer Omi.

VIDEO: Police departments lip-syncing across the nation

Mechanic Falls PD's music video begins with Sgt. James Daigle exiting the police station while lip-syncing the track's first verse. As he steps outside he's met by Officer Aaron Tremblay who accompanies him to a police cruiser. Both get in, continuing their silent singing as they respond to a possible crime scene.

About two minutes in, things get good. Diagle and Tremblay arrive on scene, exit the cruiser and being to run in slow motion — the repetitive "come and get your love" chorus plays in the background.

The pair finds an active scene, with fellow officers having already apprehended two suspects. This is the "la la la la la la la la la la la la" point of the song and, of course, the suspects – one hunched over the hood and the other sitting with his back against the license plate – get to voice this part.

The video ends with a spiral birds eye drone shot of the scene.

Sometimes we all need a break from the negativity, and this is the perfect remedy.

Watch the full video below: