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Maine frontline workers treated to 'fantasy photoshoot'

Photographer Kim Chapman organized a free makeover and photoshoot experience for 10 deserving frontline workers

SCARBOROUGH, Maine — For a year now, those on the frontlines of the pandemic have had a tough time caring for others while putting their own welfare on the back burner.

They are the heroes of the pandemic though, and a Maine photographer decided it was time to treat some of them like the rockstars they are.

Kim Chapman organized what she's calling "fantasy photoshoots" for 10 lucky frontline workers. The experience includes a free makeover, a photoshoot, and free prints of some of the subject's favorite photos. 

"I kept watching on television all of these poor people working so hard, taking care of everyone, and it thought, what can I do to help?" Chapman said. 

Chapman posted on social media, asking people to nominate well-deserving frontline workers.

One nominee is Claire Dufort, a Brunswick firefighter who is normally dressed in head-to-toe PPE and doesn't go anywhere without her chainsaw. She also happens to love sparkly shoes, can rock hot pink lipstick, and is a natural in front of a camera.

"I've never done anything like this before. I like to get dressed up, but certainly, in the last year, there hasn't been the occasion to do that,” Dufort said.

Dufort, who was recently vaccinated, shook off all initial hesitation and fully embraced the experience. 

"I'm looking to go a little out of my comfort zone because if I stay where I am all the time I never learn anything new about myself.” 

Make-up artist Jessica Griffin and personal stylist Hannah Martin were also on set to make the women feel glamorous, confident, and powerful. 

"All the times I work with clients I always ask, 'What are the pieces of yourself that you really love and we really want to play to that and accentuate that in terms of dressing,'” Martin said.

Andrea's Bridal and Formalwear donated dresses for the shoots and MK Kitchen donated gift cards so each person had a place to go after the shoot since they are all dressed up.

The other people chosen for the shoot are also vaccinated, many of whom work in doctors' offices across the state.