MILBRIDGE, Maine — No, the red lobster pictured above is not already cooked. It's rare. 

Dorr Lobster Company, Inc. fisherman Charles Rossi hauled in a blue, calico and red lobster all in one day while fishing in Milbridge, according to Dorr Lobster’s Facebook post.

Store owner Chad Dorr said he handles nearly a million pounds of lobster a year but is amazed by Rossi’s unique catch. He wants to share this rare occasion with fellow Mainers.

“I am thinking of contacting Maine State Aquarium or New England Aquarium in Boston so the public can see them,” Dorr said.

Dorr Lobster Company, Inc. is a 30-year old family business that specializes in shipping live lobster and fresh seafood overnight.

Dorr Lobster Company, Inc.