FALMOUTH (NEWS CENTER Maine)-- Students at Falmouth Elementary School are once again bringing joy to children who are hospitalized this time of year.

The project, now in its third year, is called Julia's Jammies and news of it's good works is spreading throughout Maine.

Fourth graders at Falmouth Elementary School are on a mission to bring in lots jammies.

It's a project very dear to Sallie Gardner's heart. In 2015 her daughter in law, Julia, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a pediatric cancer. "That was just 8 weeks after my son and she were married so just devastating to all of us," Gardner says.

While in a Cincinnati hospital, friends and family brought Julia pajamas. She loved them and thought others hospitalized would too. So Julia, started Julia's Jammies. Sallie started the effort in Maine. "It's really humbling when your colleagues and students and your school want to embrace something so special to our family".

Students have brought in all kinds of jammies. Hundreds of PJ's that will be headed to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.

Carter Gillespie, a 4th grader, says "maybe it would make them happier to have jammies and make them more comfortable."

Fellow student Boone Guyton says "your in hospital clothes, so not very comfortable, PJ's, they feel good."

Brenna Lucas brought in heart shaped pajamas. "They may not want to be in there, they may be sad they have it (sickness) so I want to make to make them happy."

The student's kindness is contagious. After hearing about the student's efforts last year, Janine Rodrigue of Waterville, decided she would collect two pairs of pajamas, per week, for a year.

Sallie Gardner and her husband Bob drove up to Waterville to meet Janine last weekend.

"We got to meet Janine. She is lovely, she has a heart of gold. She had 104 pairs of PJ's all packaged up for us."

Gardner says "it touches the part of all of us that feels good when we do something for someone else."

A valuable life lesson already learned.

Cheeya Rostampour, a 4th grader says "I feel like when your in the hospital there is pretty much no joy in being there, so the tiniest thing like a pair of jammies can make a person happy."

After two and a half years of treatment Julia, Sallie Gardner's daughter in law, is in remission.

Since the project started more than 35 hundred jammies have been handed out to 18 hospitals across the country.