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In the spirit of Mother's Day, local groups helping Mainers and moms during the coronavirus pandemic

The Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor hosted a food drive for local food pantries and the Holden Police Department gave teddy bears to moms on Sunday

MAINE, Maine — If feels almost impossible to dedicate just one day to all the Maine moms out there, but the Holden Police Department and Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor did their best.

In Holden, officers were making a different kind of house call. They were dropping off Teddy Bears to moms who couldn't see family members because of the coronavirus, COVID-19 stay-healthy at-home order.

Police officer Phil Boyd said it was a safe way to celebrate Mother's Day.

"They're very thankful that their families may not be there in person but can definitely be there in spirit," officer Boyd said.

In Bangor, the Unitarian Universalist Society rang its church bells for thirty-minutes at noon in honor of Mother's Day and in hopes of drawing patrons, and the public, to donation boxes.

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Reverend Andrew Moeller said local food pantries are in desperate need of help so any donations his church can give are a big help. 

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"We figured this would be a great way to be able to give people an opportunity to help support their fellow Mainers and citizens of Bangor," Moeller added.

Supporting the community is something Mainers always tend to do in times of need or during the holiday season. With Mother's Day falling during a global pandemic it made sense to combine the efforts. 

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