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Gardening with Gutner | Growing grass

Gardening with Gutner breaks down the simple steps to grow grass.

MAINE, USA — Growing grass can be a challenge even for the most experienced gardener. Gardening with Gutner talked with grass growing professional Nick Tammaro of Tammaro Landscaping

NEWS CENTER Maine's Chief Meteorologist Todd Gutner met with Tammaro on a new construction site where Tammaro Landscaping was going to establish a new lawn. 

"Southern Maine is ready to go. We look for 50-degree soil temperatures. Typical rule of thumb is May 1," Tammaro said. 

He advises that on a large property, they would hydroseed, which is mulch, seed, and fertilizer mixed together that comes out in spray form, but for most do-it-yourselfers who are working smaller areas and patching grass traditional seeding is fine.

Steps for seeding

  • Put down fresh loam then rake, remove any large debris, and fluff the loam so the seeds can germinate. 
  • Using a spreader, walk down rows to spread the seed. Tammaro uses Park Mix from Allen, Sterling, & Lothrop, located in Falmouth. If you're seeding a shady area, they also offer Shady Mix. 
  • Then, still using the same spreader you used to disperse the seed, spread starter fertilizer over the area. Tammaro used Mountain Creek Fertilizer with a 19-19-19 ratio. 
  • Once you have spread the fertilizer, gently rake the mixture into the soil
  • The next step is to spread mulch over the mixture to protect against birds, help with erosion, and keep in moisture. 
  • The last step is to water the area frequently and lightly. Don't oversoak and cause erosion. Do not allow the seed to dry out. Once established, water daily and longer.


Tammao said to rough up the existing loam and spread grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch. Water frequently and lightly. 

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