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Gardening with Gutner | Early lawncare

The snow and critters leave all kinds of surprises on your lawn after a long winter.

MAINE, USA — Winter is over but it's still a little early to get into your garden. You can, however, start working on your lawn.

Lawn and turf specialist Dave Domingos, owner of The GrassGeek, talked with NEWS CENTER Maine Chief Meteorologist Todd Gutner on his new gardening segment Gardening with Gutner.

Common things that are found once the snow is gone are vole damage and snow mold. Once you have raked excess debris away, you can assess the damage. Let the lawn have a chance to regrow, but you can do some loaming if needed. Raking up the dead grass and allowing the lawn to repair itself will usually take care of these issues.

Domingos does highly recommend a deep thatching in the early spring. 

“It wakes the lawn up,” said the grass geek. “Airs it out, gets it ready for the season.”

Soil testing is also an important part of knowing your lawn. 

“Walk around your yard and take several samples and bag it up and send it to UMaine or to UMass Amherst,” Domingos instructed.

Domingos recommends for his organic lawn clients the use of a weed puller that grabs the plant by the root in the form of a plug.

Get a head start on your lawn by doing these simple care tips.

In the upcoming months, Gardening with Gutner feature various experts on many different topics involving your garden. 

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