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Gardening with Gutner | Annuals and hanging baskets

Gardening with Gutner talks to nursery owner Tom Estabrook about new ideas for annuals and how to take care of your hanging baskets.

MAINE, USA — This time of year, greenhouses and nurseries are full of annuals and hanging baskets as customers flock to get their flowers for the season. 

Tom Estabrook, owner of Estabrook's garden center in Yarmouth, showed Gardening with Gutner new ideas for annuals and how to take care of hanging baskets. 

According to Estabrook, a new trend in container gardening is to use houseplants. He combined a rubber plant, agapanthus, and angel wings to show a white-themed grouping. 

Tropical plants were also suggested for containers. 

"When we talk tropicals, they give you a long bloom, a big bang for your buck," Estabrook said. He suggested mandevilla and hibiscus in bush or vine form. 

The garden center owner encouraged using hanging baskets for containers instead of buying single-pot flowers. "We've done all the work for you. We've done all the mixing. The plants work well together, and they're just going to continue to fill out." 

Estabrook warned not to expect hanging baskets to last all summer. 

"These have been planted since February or March, and you outgrow the soil. When you start to have trouble watering them and keeping up with the water, pop them in a big container, put them in the ground, and it's going to give you a bang for your buck all summer," he said. "And just pop back to your local garden center and buy a new basket that has been planted for summer."

Your garden centers are ready for you, so get your growing going with Gardening with Gutner. 

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