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Here's what's hot in the gardening world for 2023

Tropical plants and fairy gardens continue to be favorites.

MAINE, USA — Finding out what customers want is vital for Ben Young of Young's Greenhouse in South Paris, Maine. His business depends on it. Gardening with Gutner talked with him to find out what gardeners fancy in 2023. 

"Tropicals are a hot trend right now. We've got everything from Hibiscus to Mandevilles to Palm Trees that people use around their pools and decks and then we even got Avocado Trees," Young disclosed as he stood in his large greenhouse totally devoted to tropical plants. 

You wouldn't think tropical plants would thrive in the northern state of Maine, but Young quickly dispelled that misunderstanding. 

"They're actually a lot better than you think. They are low maintenance and they give you blossoms all the way into fall," the greenhouse owner said. "You don't have to water them very much. You can go away and don't have to have someone come water your plants for you."

From the tropical greenhouse to another, that houses the next trends: air plants and succulents. While both have been a favorite for years, they are not budging from the popularity list. 

Air plants: Also known as Tillandsia, these plants are epiphytes, which means they grow without soil. Trichomes, or little hairs, cover the leaves and allow them to absorb moisture. They are easy to put anywhere. According to Young, you just have to mist them twice a week. 

Succulents: A form of sedum, these plants come in various shapes and sizes and are appealing when grouped with other succulents. Care is very easy. Just be careful not to overwater. 

From regular plants to a whimsical garden, the next trend is said to bring you good luck. Fairy gardens allow you to create a world of fantasy. No wonder they remain popular. Katharine Young, part of the husband-wife owner team of Young's Greenhouse, showed Gardening with Gutner the magic of this trend.

"We have mini fairy garden workshops and we have larger fairy garden workshops that we do," Young said. "Our adult fairy garden workshop fills up quicker than the children's." 

Young's sells many different figurines, buildings, and pieces.

"You can do different things. You can go camping, go have a windmill, have a barn scene," the greenhouse owner explained. "You get to be so creative with it. You're only limited by your imagination."

Young's Greenhouse offers workshops on both fairy gardens and succulents. Click HERE to learn more. 

No matter which trend appeals to you, working and being creative with plants will always be popular. 

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