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Home decor tour: Inside the NEWS CENTER Maine team's coronavirus work from home setups

What do Keith’s 'Tiger King' obsession and the color of Lee and Cindy’s dining room have in common? They're both parts of the NEWS CENTER Maine team's home setups.

MAINE, USA — The impact of the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic took everyone by surprise and has forced people around the world to change their daily lives. For us here at NEWS CENTER Maine, we've had to get creative (and frankly, keep our houses clean) in an effort to keep Mainers informed from the comfort of our own homes.

Many viewers have tweeted, emailed, and called us asking about everything from the painting hanging in Pat Callaghan's house to Mike Slifer's dog, so we thought we'd create a place to showcase our team's work from home stations. 

Come on in to the NEWS CENTER Maine housewarming party.

Sam Rogers (Reporter): "What's up everyone, welcome to my crib! My apartment may be small but I still found a way to set up my home studio. Obviously I rep NEWS CENTER Maine as hard as I can with the monitor graphic, and the hat and media pass in the background."

"I grew up playing hockey and I am still a huge fan, so I had to give the sport some love. I worked for the Bruins as part of an internship with NESN and covered the UNH Hockey team while in school (Go 'Cats!). What you CAN'T see is a football and these ski goggles under the monitor but the goggles are too cool to leave out of the picture. Yes, that plant is fake...but I need a name, any suggestions? Thanks for coming to my crib!"

Credit: NCM

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Todd Gutner (Meteorologist): "I share my basement with my kids’ Xbox space." Todd also has some artists right at home to help with décor...his wife and kids!

Credit: Ncm

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Sean Stackhouse (Reporter): Sean shares his work from home space with his roommate while writing, editing and reporting sipping out of a very special mug.

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Chloe Teboe (Reporter): "My cat's name is Serena, and recently she's becoming less camera-shy... I think she's ready to make her NCM debut!"

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Hannah Dineen (Reporter/Anchor): “I love keeping fresh flowers in the apartment. They’re an instant mood booster. Yes, I know I need to expand my art collection beyond pictures of Maine, but hey, I’m proud of my state! I love using small frames to showcase some of my favorite mementos. This Polaroid is from my cousin’s 24th birthday and the quote is actually the front of a card from my mom.”

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Jackie Mundry (Reporter): "[I have a] Boston Marathon painting from a street artist in Boston that my best friend got me when I moved to Syracuse to remind me of home and because she knew I’d run it someday. I have some books, fresh flowers I pick up every time I go to the grocery store, and a Patriots fan sign my little brother got me for my 21st birthday."

Credit: NCM

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Pat Callaghan (Anchor): In addition to Pat's painting by his mother hanging the background of his live shot, Pat's vinyl collection has also been a hot topic among Twitter users. "The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Sinatra, Nancy Wilson, and Chicago are all fully represented, but they’re just the tip of the vinyl iceberg," Pat said of his collection. 

Keith Carson (Meteorologist): Keith says his toddler dicates that rest of the house, so Keith and his cheeky whiteboards go live from a rather plain space. His Tiger King obsession becomes more apparent each day. 

Jess Conley (Meteorologist): Jess recently tweeted asking her followers how many flowers are too many flowers in the background of her work from home setup. As many as it takes to stop the snow and bring on the spring, Jess. Final answer. 

Lindsey Mills (Reporter/Anchor): "Here’s a shot of my set up - at the kitchen table! We live in a teeny tiny bedroom so what people see at home is pretty much the entire place! Except for the bathroom and bedroom."

Credit: NCM

Hannah Yechivi (Reporter): "My layout now has my family pictures in the back. My family is all in Panama and Costa Rica, so it's nice to have those pictures at my workspace."

Credit: NCM
Credit: NCM

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Mike Slifer (Meteorologist): "While this isn’t the most impressive background, the two mugs behind me were handmade by a good friend of mine in WV as a going away gift. I also have a WV shaped cutting board from my grandparents to remind me where my career started."

Additionally, Mike's dog, Winnie, also makes appearances in his live shots. She sure knows when to turn it on for the camera. 

Credit: NCM

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Shannon Moss (Reporter): "This is my new 'studio' off of our kitchen. My husband and I love mixing old with new. So when we built our home we incorporated these antique sliders. We couldn’t find the exact doors we wanted so we bought reclaimed barn wood and had them made by a local craftsman in Buxton. As for the painting…that is by Johanna Hoffman of Saco, Maine. It is of Lower Falls Landing in Yarmouth. More specifically the Cannery restaurant, which is now the Royal River Grill. The Cannery is where my husband and I had our first date. We try to surround ourselves with pieces that have historical or personal meaning."

Credit: NCM

Kasey Marsters (Engineers): "No home decor, but I set up my stand up desk towards my backyard and where I'm setting up my chickens and gardens!"

Credit: NCM

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Gabrielle Mannino (Digital Content Producer): “Working from home has been a challenge, but luckily my cat Raina keeps me company all day.”

Credit: NCM

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Erin Keller (Digital Content Producer and author of this story): "I've turned my boyfriend's kitchen table into my work from home desk. I'm able to open the windows around me for some fresh air and have even made some friends through the windows...even though they never wave back."

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No matter how plain or elaborate our work from home stations may be, we're all eager to get back in the newsroom together where we can brainstorm, laugh, and keep Maine connected.

At NEWS CENTER Maine, we're focusing our news coverage on the facts and not the fear around the illness. To see our full coverage, visit our coronavirus section, here: /coronavirus

NEWS CENTER Maine Coronavirus Coverage

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