BANGOR, Maine — The day before Valentine's day is one of the most important days of the year for local florists and specialty gift shops. Customers normally pour into stores to pick up orders or make last-minute purchases. But Wednesday's storm put a wrench into the big turnout many stores expected. 

"This is a huge part of our operating revenue for the entire year, so we're hoping people will still come out," said Specialty Sweets owner Eliza Butler. 

Lack of business today for local shops that specialize in Valentine's Day essentials means that the actual holiday will likely be even more hectic. 

"It has put more of a burden on tomorrow because a lot of businesses were closed today or schools were closed," said Bill Sheehan, owner of Lougee & Frederick's, a local florist. 

"It's going to be one busy day. We'll have people lined up coming in to pick up flowers," added Sheehan. 

Stores still hope customers that would have come out shopping today still make it out on Valentine's Day for last minute purchases.

Both Specialty Sweets and Lougee & Frederick's will be open on Valentine's Day.