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Wallet returned by good Samaritan when Maine man needed it the most

Nick Votta just lost two loved ones recently and says having his wallet returned by a good Samaritan was a sign of faith that good things are to come.
Credit: Nick Votta
Wallet found in downtown Portland returned to owner by good Samaritan

PORTLAND, Maine — When Nick Votta lost his wallet in downtown Portland in January, he thought he would never see it or its contents ever again. Lost to him was $160, the only copy of his birth certificate and pictures of a friend who recently died. 

Much to his delight and surprise, four months after losing his wallet it was returned to him. The lobsterman who recently moved to Harpswell says he was ecstatic and brought to tears when he opened a package in the mail to find his old wallet with all its contents...just about. 

In the package was a note that reads: 

Hi There, 

I found your wallet (obviously)

I took out $5 to mail it to you. 

Be well,


Votta tells NEWS CENTER Maine it has been a rough year. His wallet had pictures of his friend who had recently passed away. 

Votta says having his wallet returned was a "sign of faith to just keep pushing and do the right thing and send out good vibes," he says.

"Do the right thing and good things will come," says Votta who recalls finding a wallet himself three years ago at a Golf Course in Topsham and returning it to its owner.  

Votta says if he could meet his anonymous wallet returner Alli, he would first "give her a massive hug, I would want to treat her to a massive dinner and give her some flowers. Most people would not do what she did."

"She could have just taken the money and run," says Votta. People have shared his Facebook post hundreds of times and Votta says he thinks everyone needs to hear about people being kind to others.