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'There's always good news out there' | Asking people at Mozart's to share their good news

"There's something about a crisis that brings out the best in people."

AUSTIN, Texas — "We do this every single week," I explained to everyone as we sat down to share some good news. "We ask people to share their good news and spread some positivity."

"I have some good news," replied Laila Khorrami. "I just got a new job. I'm going to be a Montessori teacher."

"The good news is that we're sitting next to each other right now," said Rajeev Gupta, talking about his girlfriend, Natalia Landeros.

"I'm moving to L.A. for work and I just found a really, really nice place to stay," shared Cat Orman, who will be working for a startup out there.

"I just started my own small business," said Eric Call, who worked in marketing for 30 years before beginning his woodworking business. 

"We've been apart due to travel restrictions due to COVID," explained Gupta. "We finally get to be with each other again."

"I'm from Chile. I was in Chile last week so I'm very lucky to be here," said Landeros.

"What are you moving to L.A. for?" I asked Orman.

"I'm working for a startup," she replied. "So I'm going to take a little road trip over there. So I'm going to drive through Phoenix and see some friends there in a socially distant way."

"It's kind of exciting to sell something that's my own," said Call. "I made a sale of craftsmen-style dog bowl holders ... It was a real treat to just box it up and send it off."


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"I'm really lucky," explained Khorrami, talking about her new job that's paying for her training. "I was worried about it. You know, I thought it was so unpredictable with everything."

"You still think there's good news out there, don't you?" I asked.

"Of course – there's always good news out there no matter what the case is," said Gupta.

"Absolutely," replied Call. "I don't know. There's something about a crisis that brings out the best in people."

"I've seen a lot of people standing up for what they believe in. I've seen a lot of people coming together," said Khorrami.


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