SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — They call him 'Sam the bottle man'.

Every bottle 11-year-old Sam Rideout collects, means more presents for children at The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.

"I want to make their stay at the hospital better during Christmas time," said Sam.

Sam has been doing this for four years. This year, he and his bottles are raising $16,000. That's more than he ever imagined.

"I'm just trying to collect as many bottles as I can," said Sam.

His aunt Caitlin Jordan, said all the fundraising was put into perspective, when Sam had to spend time at the hospital. He was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

"He saw the need and ended up there so he saw both sides," said Jordan.

Sam hopes to do this for many more years to come. Jordan said if his heart is this big now, she can't wait to see what he will do when he grows up.

If you would like to donate, you can Venmo Sam @samthebottleman.

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