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Lisbon, Maine dispatcher saves tourists in Lisbon, Portugal

When tourists get stuck in an elevator in Lisbon, Portugal, they called the Lisbon Police. The problem is they called Lisbon, Maine. Fortunately for them the dispatcher in Maine took the time to help them.

LISBON (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Cathy Roy has been a dispatcher for 22 years and in that time she has answered and dealt with some pretty unusual calls.

While working at the Lisbon Police Department, she got one that tops them all. Roy was talking to two women who were trapped in an elevator and needed help getting out.

The women pressed the emergency button but after 20 minutes, no one had showed up. So they Googled: Lisbon Police.

The women called the number listed which was in Lisbon, Maine. The problem was the women were trapped in Lisbon, Portugal.

Roy didn’t let that tiny fact get in the way.

She says the women were starting to panic and feel claustrophobic.

Roy jumped online herself and found the number for Lisbon, Portugal Police. Despite a language barrier she was able to explain the situation and get help on the way.

Roy was on the phone with the women when emergency crews arrived. Roy says the two women were from the United States and on vacation in Portugal’s capitol city.

The women ended up being fine and they not only have a great story to tell but they made a friend from Lisbon, Maine, while in Lisbon, Portugal.

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