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Hartland family rescues barred owl hit by a car on their way home from Renys

Jordan Haley and his family helped rescue a barred owl in Hartland on Saturday, December 12, after it hit a car. The owl is now in the safety of Avian Haven.
Credit: Jordan Haley
Jordan Haley's son, Ryker, smiles, as he pets the barred owl his dad rescued in Hartland on December 12.

HARTLAND, Maine — In a year that's been tougher than most, sometimes all it takes to raise spirits is a sweet story about a caring family and a creature in need of some help.

On Saturday, December 12, Jordan Haley and his family -- wife Miranda, and three kids Brayden, Ethan, and Ryker -- had visited their local Renys to buy winter sleds. They were planning to go sledding that afternoon at a local hill, but plans changed on the ride home. 

Haley says a barred owl swooped down and hit the car in front of them. That car apparently didn't stop and kept driving, while the owl lay in the middle of the road. Haley says his family pulled over, and he put on his work gloves to go rescue the owl. 

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"(I) just walked over to him, talking like I do to a dog or cat, just reassuring him he was going to be okay and just talking to keep him calm," Haley told NEWS CENTER Maine via Facebook. "He let me pick him up, and he tucked his head back -- almost like he was saying 'thank you.'"

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Haley says his family called local wardens, but they told him they don't respond unless the animal is severely injured. This owl wasn't -- he was awake and "very friendly", Haley says, but he wasn't flying off. 

Haley says his family wrapped the owl in a blanket on his lap and kept him warm and safe at home indoors for two hours until Avian Haven arrived. 

"It was an amazing experience my family will not forget!" Haley told NEWS CENTER Maine. "We needed this to reassure us that the world will be okay!"

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