HAMPDEN (NEWS CENTER Maine) — What was supposed to be a relaxing anniversary weekend for a Maine couple earlier this month turned into a frantic search for their wedding ring. But their daughter was determined to find it.

Anthony Liberatore lost his ring at Branch Lake in Ellsworth a day before his Sept. 3rd wedding anniversary. Anthony and his wife, Joanna Liberatore, who live in Hampden with their three kids, went to the camp with metal detectors whenever they got the chance.

Anthony and Alexa, Hampden Family

"My husband drove there from Brewer every lunch break to look for it," said Joanna in a Facebook message. "He turned the camp upside down."

Anthony looked through old photos to retrace his steps. He soon learned he was wearing the ring during a family swim but not on the boat ride home, which meant he must have lost it while diving off a rock in the middle of Branch Lake.


The couple, along with their 12-year-old daughter, Alexa, drove out on a boat last Wednesday to look for the ring. With just a pair of goggles, they combed the surface of the rocks and the edge of the island. They also searched areas as deep as 25 feet.

"It was like looking for a needle in a haystack," said Joanna. But, against all odds, Alexa found the wedding ring.

"We're still in shock!" said Joanna. "I had a diver lined up for this weekend."