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Halloween has a new look this year and potentially a new holiday figure

The Holden Police Department handed out candy to local kids like a Halloween 'Santa Claus' on this not so normal holiday celebration.

BANGOR, Maine — On the spookiest night of the year, streets and roads around Maine may look a little different as the sun sets on the Pine Tree State. Despite Halloween falling on a Saturday and a full moon in the sky, many plans were canceled.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the rise in cases state, and nationwide, is forcing a lot of parents to make a tough call. Do we take the kids trick-or-treating, or not?

In Holden, to get candy this year you just need to call 'Halloween Santa Claus'.

“The Holden Police Department is giving folks the opportunity to still get candy and still have fun, but we’re going to deliver the candy to your house instead," Chief Chris Greeley said.

Greeley and his officers are no strangers to passing out gifts in the community. Whether it's passing out teddy bears to local second graders or dropping off gift cards to those in need around Christmas, this department is always thinking about its neighbors.

“It makes it a little more fun and makes you feel like you’ve had a positive impact on folks in the community," Greeley added.

Much like Santa, Greeley had his work cut out for him on this holiday. He said the department will be making 60 stops at houses to drop off bags filled with candy and other gifts.

The cruiser turned sleigh began its journey around noon and is expected to finish all the deliveries by 8 p.m.

Credit: NCM

After a few stops and thank yous from kids that were in costume hours before sundown, Greeley mentioned this was a great way to meet folks he doesn't know in town.

“It was a lot of fun, people obviously enjoy this, and again, just a great way to connect with the community," Greeley said.

All the candy was donated by people in the area. 

“We could not do this, nor could we do any of our other projects that we’ve been doing for many years without the support of the community," he said

In nearby Bangor, Maple Street is known as 'Halloween Street' because normally, thousands of kids from all over the area come here to trick-or-treat.

Credit: NCM

“We’re trying to make the most of it, slinging candy bars to the neighbors so, I think it’s still bringing cohesion to the neighborhood and hopefully next year we’ll all be out there together," Noell Palmieri, a Maple Street resident, said.

She and her husband Mike Laliberte are handing out treats with a candy shoot to minimize close contact with any ghosts, ghouls, or witches that come by. They said other neighbors are handing out candy as safely as possible, while some will sit this year out.

“Not to be Captain Obvious, but if you’re sick, stay home," Laliberte said while wearing a Captain Obvious costume.

Credit: NCM

This neighborhood has been in constant communication about this year's Halloween plans. Using Facebook groups to throw around ideas about how they should celebrate this holiday.

Although this holiday isn't being celebrated like it used to, Mainers are adapting and still having fun while staying safe.

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