It's a balance that, more often than not, can be hard to strike -- maintaining a sense of self-control and giving into those pesky temptations.

Unfortunately for some people, those decisions are often put into a much more public limelight -- and a recent study from U.S. Foods has information that some consumers probably won't particularly enjoy reading.

In a national survey from May of about 500 American adults who work or have worked as food deliverers, 28 percent of them admitted to having taken food from an order while on the job.

You read it correctly -- about one in four delivery drivers have tasted the meal or snack you ordered before handing it off to you! 

In its survey, U.S. Foods offered some other enlightening information, as well -- from the perspectives of both consumers and deliverers. 

The average person reportedly has two food delivery apps and uses them three times per month. The most popular app is UberEats, followed by Grubhub and then Door Dash and Postmates. 

Delivery drivers said they are most consistently irritated when they get a weak tip or no trip, or when food is not ready on time at the restaurant.

Regarding the taste-test dilemma? When asked, "If you ordered a burger and fries, and the deliverer grabbed a few fries along the way, how upset would you be?", customers scored an 8.4 on a scale of:

  • 1 -- "No big deal"
  • 10 -- "Absolutely unacceptable"  

Ironically, only 21 percent of customers have suspected a deliverer of taking food when 28 percent of deliverers have actually admitted to doing so.

To address the issue, the majority of customers at 85 percent are asking restaurants to include tamper-evident labels on their food.

To read the full study by U.S. Foods, click here.