David Turin dreamed up a creative spin on both cheesecakes and baked apples, combining them into one tasty treat.

Item Name: Pumpkin Cheesecake baked apples

Yield: 10 portions – Varies depending on the size of the apples

8 ( or more ) very large Honey Crisp or Gala Apples ( I prefer the Honey crisp)
1# cream cheese – at room temperature - softened
1½ C sugar
3 Eggs
½ T vanilla
½ t salt
½ T Cinnamon
½ t Nutmeg
¼ t Clove
½ t Ginger
4 T Sour cream
1 C pumpkin puree (I suggest using ½ can of “One Pie”)

Cinnamon sugar

Method of Preparation:

1. process the cream cheese in a food processor – scraping down the side of the bowl frequently – until smooth
2. Add sugar and process until evenly incorporated
3. Add remaining ingredients and process– scraping down the side of the bowl frequently – until smooth
4. Cut off the top of the apples and, using a melon balled or spoon, hollow out the insides until the walls of the apples are about ¼” thick. Take care to avoid putting any holes in the apple.
5. Fill each apple with the cheesecake filling and place on a paper lined baking sheet. Then dust the peeled part of the apple with cinnamon sugar
6. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes – until cheesecake is fully set.
7. chill fully to set cheesecake
8. best served at room temperature

nicely accompanied with caramel sauce, whipped cream, chopped pecans and fresh chopped mint