It is apple season in Maine. You'll be hard pressed to find a reason not to eat them like this.

Recipe via David Turin from David's Restaurants in Southern Maine.

Yield: 6

6 Ea Rome. Honey Crispy or Granny Smith Apples – cored ¾’s and peeled 1/3rd

for syrup
4 T butter
¾ C apple cider
½ C dark rum
¼ C Maple syrup
½ C brown sugar
½ t salt
¼ t nutmeg
dash, ground clove
6 cinnamon sticks
½ C chopped pecans
½ C dried cranberries
juice of 1 lemon with the zest of half

Method of Preparation:
1. Combine all the ingredients for the syrup in a shallow sauté pan or stove top baking dish and bring to boil – reduce until the consistency of syrup
2. Using a melon baller core the apples ¾ of the way through and peel 1/3rd of the way down
3. Spoon the filling and some of the syrup into each apple and place them into the pan placing one cinnamon stick into each.
4. Bake at 375 for 25-30 minutes depending upon the size of the apples, remove when apples reach desired tenderness.
5. Serve apples in a bowl- pour sauce on top– great with ice cream or on a shortcake biscuit with whipped cream