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A Maine company is using a new protein source for its granola bars: crickets

'Crawl Bars' can deliver its products right to your door if you're in the Portland area. The co-founders say crickets are a more sustainable protein option.

PORTLAND, Maine — During a busy work week, it's tough for some of us to find time to make sure we're getting enough protein in our bodies. Some Mainers may use supplements while others resort to eating granola or protein bars.

A Maine company is taking a new approach to the latter.

Crawl Bars co-founders Tim Bollea and James Skarzynski started the company to bring awareness to more sustainable and environmentally friendly protein options. Crickets are the main source of protein in their products.

Bollea said crickets use less water and space to grow than more traditional protein sources like beef.

You can order the bars online and if you're in the Portland area, there are delivery options.

If you're still a little bugged out, the crickets are ground up into powder so you can't notice if you try a bite or the whole bar. Depending on the flavor, the bars have anywhere from nine to 11 grams of protein.

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