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Fireball caught on New Hampshire home security camera

Did you see the fireball Sunday night?

New Englanders spotted a fireball streaking across the night sky Sunday night. 

The sweet ball of fire was captured on a home security camera in Rochester, New Hampshire. People across Maine and New England reported seeing it.

60 people logged their sighting on the American Meteor Society (AMS) site. Some described hearing a loud boom, while others described it to be green and white with a flame on the end. 

AMS said the meteor likely entered the atmosphere off the Maine coast and streaked just north of Casco Bay.

"As a sailor, I spend a lot of time observing the night sky. This was the biggest fireball I’ve seen. I saw a green one drop straight down about 10 years ago at dusk,” observer Jim K. wrote.

"There appeared to have an additional green light to it. I regularly see aircraft in this area but its speed and angle were far too great,” Timothy W. wrote.