PORTLAND, Maine — A boxing champion is sharing her personal story to help save kids in Maine at risk for child sexual abuse.

Liz Leddy -- is a three time National Golden Gloves boxing champion. Homeless and living on the streets since she was 13 -- she says boxing helped her escape from sex trafficking. The CDC says nearly 90 percent of victims of sex-trafficking were sexually abused as children.  

Liz's incredible story of overcoming adversity is featured in a Public Service Announcement that will be shown at the upcoming Keep Kids Safe Maine Community Conference for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.  LIZ hopes her message of hope and healing will help other victims.

'It takes time to heal from complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which is usually the case from sexual assault, most often a female who finds herself in addiction or sex trafficking she would have suffered that as a child,' said Liz Leddy.

The three day event, which is free and open to the public gets underway next Thursday at the First Baptist Church in Portland. 

For more information about the conference, go here.