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Bates alum in critical condition, battling COVID-19

25-year-old Jack Allard was a stand-out lacrosse player at Bates College and had no pre-existing conditions. Now, he's on a ventilator fighting for his life.

LEWISTON, Maine — While the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions are still most at risk for developing a serious case of COVID-19, we are learning of cases in which young and healthy people are seriously affected.

One such case is that of 25-year-old Bates College alum Jack Allard.

Allard was a stand-out lacrosse player during his time at Bates.

Bates men’s lacrosse coach Peter Lasagna said, “He led our team in scoring in 2014, ‘15 and ‘16. He is really skilled, but also a tenacious competitor. He's just at a different level.”

Lasagna said the two time All American athlete had no pre-existing conditions. Yet, when Jack Allard contracted COVID-19, he developed a serious case.

Currently, he is at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in a medically induced coma.

Speaking to NBC Nightly News, Jack's parents, Genny and Andy, said their son fell ill twelve days ago.

Genny said, “He's in a coma, and the nurse was nice enough to bring an iPad and show us what he looks like, but we're not talking.”

Jack was taken to UPenn by helicopter late Tuesday in order to receive experimental coronavirus treatment by drug maker Gilead.

Family friend and fellow Bates Lacrosse parent Bill Smith said, “Apparently they're running a trial there. At least they have access to the drug in some way at that hospital.”

Smith said Jack Allard's case of COVID-19 should serve as a wake-up call for young people.

“To the spring breakers and the others who think they're invincible to this, they ought to maybe pay more attention to what the doctors and scientists are saying because here is a kid who is a physical specimen, a two time All American and he got very very sick.”

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Bates College, like others across the country, has closed its doors to on-site learning. Spring sports, including lacrosse, has been canceled.

While the canceled season initially stung, Coach Lasagna said Jack’s COVID-19 battle puts everything into perspective.

“The pain of our season being gone, I will deal with that later on. Right now, this is by far the most important thing going on in my life, and that the Bates lacrosse team and family have going on in their lives.”

At last check, Jack Allard is in a medically induced coma, listed in critical condition.

However, Smith said he's showing some signs of improvement, including a reduced temperature.

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