Chances are, if you are cutting people off, swerving all over the road, texting and driving, you might just be from Maine. That is according to a new study that is ranking Mainers among the worst drivers in the country. 

Coming in first is a usually a good thing, but in the case of a new study released by that ranks the Pine Tree State as the place with America's worst drivers, it is not. 

Maine was given the title of worst drivers for "a drastic rise in traffic citations and fatalities."

The best drivers are supposedly in Michigan where drivers get fewer citations, and have fewer speeding and vehicular fatalities. 

States were ranked according to how many accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, citations and fatalities were recorded. 

The 10 states with the worst drivers:

1. Maine

2. South Carolina

3. Nebraska

4. California

5. North Dakota

6. Minnesota

7. Idaho

8. Ohio

9. Utah

10. Washington

The 10 states with the best drivers:

1. Michigan

2. Mississippi

3. Oklahoma

4. Arizona

5. Illinois

6. Nevada

7. Arkansas

8. West Virginia

9. Rhode Island

10. Kentucky

Of course the biggest question the study leaves us with, where the heck is Massachusetts on this list?