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Celebrating Nature Photography Day comes easy in Vacationland

For the past year, Diana Onacki has been submitting her photos to the Near ME section of the NEWS CENTER Maine app to share her snaps with all who enjoy nature.

MAINE, Maine — June 15 is Nature Photography Day. 

For the past year, Diana Onacki of Scarborough has submitted her photos to the Near ME section of the NEWS CENTER Maine app.

For the past decade, Onacki has been snapping pictures with her iPhone or camera as a hobby. She does it in the morning before work or in the evening after work.

Carrying her camera around is a must. Onacki is inspired by nature. She said taking photos has allowed her to analyze and see nature differently. She said it's something anybody can do and enjoy.

"I just mainly just point and shoot. And whatever comes out comes out. And whatever doesn't come out, I just do it again," Onacki said, adding that she takes many photos with her iPhone.

She said that comes naturally in Maine, where taking nature photos is easy because of all the nature the state has to offer.

"It just makes my soul happy," Onacki said.

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"They love seeing my videos later on; they love seeing my pictures when they get up," she added.

Onacki typically goes live on Instagram before sunrise so that she can show her followers who cannot make it to the beach.

Credit: Diana Onacki

She said patience, light, climate, and timing are some key things that need to align to get a perfect picture.

Onacki has taken thousands of photos, and she plans to retire next year to explore more places and share more photos.

To follow Onacki's Instagram page, where she shares many of her photos, click here.

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