NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA — Dashboard footage caught the moment a driver hit a moose and shows just how hard it is to actually see even such a huge animal when driving at night. 

Dale Mottram of Twin Mountain, N.H., was driving on Route 3 in Carroll, N.H., on Friday, October 18, around 8:30 p.m. Mottram was going about 55 mph when he collided with a moose that was standing in the middle of a two-lane road. 

"No one was more surprised than I was! I'm always on the lookout in that area, when driving," Mottram told NEWS CENTER Maine.

Mottram tells NEWS CENTER Maine he was alone when he hit the moose and only suffered minor injuries. 

The video shows just how hard it is for drivers to see animals in the road. The moose is only visible less than two seconds before Mottram's car hits it. 

(The timestamp on Mottram's dashcam says 2:10 p.m. but was wrong.)

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