OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine — Alison Sundquist was sitting in her Old Orchard Beach home Wednesday night when she heard a strange banging on a window in the other room.

Alison says the unfamiliar noise started around 8:30 p.m. 

"I kept hearing loud bangs, like someone was throwing something on the side of our house," Alison relayed. "I went into the room that has our three parakeets. We leave our shade open, so they can enjoy the morning sunrise."

Once Alison was standing in the room to investigate, the culprit -- an owl -- flew into the window again. Alison went to get her husband and pulled out her phone to record the strange spectacle.

She sent the video to NEWS CENTER Maine. The footage shows in clear detail the huge bird flying up to the couple's window and seemingly trying to snatch the parakeets from their cage. Luckily, the glass got in the way.

Alison said the owl didn't immediately fly away, even after she and her husband started watching the commotion.

"It continued to sit on the window and stare at me, which is how I got the still picture," Alison said.

Owl peers in family's window (HORIZONTAL)
Alison Sundquist

Quite a picture, indeed.

How's that for a Wednesday night in Maine?